Bright Farms

Brightfarms builds local hydroponic greenhouse farming systems that produce competitively priced fresh produce for supermarkets while avoiding the environmental costs of industrial farming and transport logisitcs.

Glasspoint Solar

GlassPoint Solar develops low-cost concentrated solar thermal installations for enhanced oil recovery, with its first commercial installations operating in Oman and California.

Lucid Design

Lucid Design is an energy efficiency software company, offering a user-friendly “dashboard” and middleware that integrates multiple building management systems to a single platform – BuildingOS – for commercial buildings and campuses.

Natel Energy

Natel Energy is developing a low-head hydropower turbine enabling cost-effective production of low impact, distributed base-load energy from existing low dams, irrigation canals and other low-head hydro resources.


Terviva is commercializing proprietary varieties of the Pongamia tree, an oil-seed plant that can grow in sub-optimal agricultural land while using less water and fertilizer than other crops. Pongamia seed oil is ideal for biofuel production and the seed cake can be used as animal feed, potentially creating attractive economics for both farmers and land owners.