Allotrope’s international renewable energy project development team has decades of experience in the field and a strong network of financial and government relationships. Our approach to project development is iterative; at each step of the process we glean and evaluate critical information to ensure the success and viability of projects. This helps mitigate project risks and costs, while maximizing clients return on investment.  Our main goals are to advance successful renewable energy projects, while acting as an advocate for our clients.  

Allotrope provides end-to-end project development services based on the goals of our clients’ renewable energy plans. Our services include remote geospatial and on-site technical surveys, system design, off-taker energy assessments and due diligence, land use and policy analysis, financial evaluations, landowner and utility negotiations, PPA & wheeling structures, project funding assistance, contractor RFP management, and regulatory compliance.   

Allotrope Solar Solar

In many parts of the world, the cost of electricity delivered by small to medium scale diesel generation can be US$0.30 cents per Kwh or more, excluding government subsidies.   Given the tremendous cost reductions with photovoltaic solar energy, governments and power consumers in many emerging markets are rapidly embracing solar as a core part of their energy strategy. Countries are implementing Feed-in-Tariffs (FiT) and other programs to expedite the transition to solar and other renewables, which adds to their significant economic advantages over diesel-generated electricity. In light of these trends, Allotrope seeded a dedicated solar development platform focused on the ASEAN region, a market of more than 600M people, but with highly fragmented electricity grids and recent adoption of FiT programs.  Allotrope Solar commissioned its first project in Malaysia in 2013, and is identifying and developing a pipeline of small to medium scale development stage solar assets in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, assets that typically are eligible for FiT programs or direct sale of electricity to large-scale industrial and institutional consumers.

Anderson Biomass Complex (ABC) Biomass

Anderson Biomass Complex (ABC) is building a roundwood dowel mill plant in Anderson in Northern California.  The plant will be located next to a bio-energy facility and near a large timber mill.  Allotrope owns a joint venture interest in ABC. The mill will utilize what was formerly a waste stream from the timber operation – the tops of trees that are too small for the lumber mill – as feedstock.  The plant will produce wood dowels on a long term contractual basis with a local buyer, and sell the resulting wood waste stream to the bio-energy facility.  Allotrope and ABC will evaluate other plant locations in California, as supply chain, logistics, and market realities align in the future.

VFlare/VFuels Oil and Gas

Between market pressures, technology advances and policy support, the era of freely flared gas and other logistics inefficiencies around oil and fuel production and refining is coming to an end. Producers in key markets are changing their practices accordingly creating new niche opportunities. In partnership with Industry Capital, Allotrope incubated two companies focused on developing small-scale energy assets in these markets.   VFlare will focus on developing gas flare capture projects as standalone energy assets, while VFuels will develop and design distributed refining and fuel production assets as a specialized engineering, procurement and construction firm.   Both firms are currently focused on burgeoning West Africa fossil fuel production areas, but are poised to deliver projects and assets into other markets as well.